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Welcome to NoDownLoadCasinos.Net - a spin off from Casinos.Net. We have arranged the most comprehensive collection of No DownLoad Casinos.

Many people don't like the inconvenience of having to download software to play. NoDownLoadCasinos.Net has a catalogue of No Download Casinos. These require no download of Software to play. You can play almost instantly.

A recent online reader's survey, by Winner Online, concluded that 81% of online gamblers prefer the no-download, Java, Flash, HTML games. So Casinos.Net has brought you this directory.

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Although we don't like to admit it, the computer-phobes among know who we are. We're the ones who, on one hand, use our computers for games from casinos and for email but, on the other hand, don't like to get involved with installing programs and downloading anything too complicated or potentially dangerous. Computer-phobes have avoided online casinos because they've believed that games have to be downloaded. But they're wrong. In fact, there are many no download casinos in which all the best games are still available without downloading anything. These sites - often called flash casinos - are great for every kind of gambler, even the ones who are intimidated by computers.

Basically, there are two kinds of computer games - the downloadable kind and the flash kind. You all know about downloadable games (they're way safer than computer-phobes think, but that's a different story) but you may not know anything about flash games. The bottom line is that almost any online kasino spiele can be played without downloading it to your computer. Instead, you can play right off your screen. If you're not at home, if you're at work or on a borrowed computer, this is probably the way to go as a flash game leaves no permanent ``imprint'' on the computer.

Flash games look exactly like downloadable games. There are advantages to downloading games but if you're a computer-phobe and you're dead set against downloading then flash is for you. There are other reasons that flash games are popular but no download casinos make most of their business off of people who don't like to clutter up their casinos with games and programs that might slow it down or mess it up. Flash games are for everyone - technofiles and techophobes alike. Even the nervous Nellies out there should give no-download games a try - you'll see that there's nothing to be afraid of.

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